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About me

Im a gamer, and also watch anime lots, but I really know how to sweep are girl off her feet.


About my collections

I have a big selection of games, & DVDs that I don't show at the moment, not into books much, but if manga counts then sure.


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Final Fantasy V (5) Walkthrough (3 items)
Game list by Raidengunfire
Published 9 years, 1 month ago 1 comment
Silent Hill Walkthrough (1 item)
Game list by Raidengunfire
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Final Fantasy VIII (8) Walkthrough (6 items)
Game list by Raidengunfire
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Angry Raiden Show! (ARS) (1 item)
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Angry Video Game Reviewer (2 items)
Game list by Raidengunfire
Published 9 years, 1 month ago

Recent reviews

Final Fantasy 9

Posted : 9 years, 1 month ago on 19 May 2009 02:49 (A review of Final Fantasy IX)

About The Game:
FF9 was a long game, when you have no idea what your doing, but its not bad not knowing. Anyway its starts off with Zidane fighting with a two-headed dragon with his team of thiefs. Once defeated the two-headed dragon, which the two-headed dragon is just a helmet and it was his Captain he was attacking. Also it was all training. Once that is all done, we go to a little Blackmage named Vivi, he is just wondering around town, and with a help with his new friend, then try sneaking into a show, to watch, but everything messes up, etc.

I don't understand it, why does FF8 have better graphs then FF9, i'm pretty sure that 9 beats 8, but not in graphs. So yea, graphs when down a little, I guess they though that they could bring back old school but they didn't.

Same as always music is a pretty thing, but this time there was not a good song to pick out of, like Shadow's Theme from FF6 or Rinoa Singing from FF8.

Good Things:
They made this game a little different, like you don't need to play as the main hero, and there are many guests that help along the way. Also like FF6, but with FF6 their was only 4 guests but they go away fast.

Bad Things:
I hated the evil Blackmages the most it this game, not the main villian but the @$@$ing blackmages. They die but just come back to life, I hate them, they should be burned by Vivi, Vivi is better then any of thoughts Blackmages. I would go up to the Blackmage and pull his F#$ing skull right out.

Things That should Change:
The Blackmages, there was to many of them and also, there was no whitemages, where did they all go, the only one I was was Garnet wearing a Whitemage robe, that doesn't count to as many as the blackmages.

I think the grapher was on something, because why, why the F@$# do make worst graphs then FF8, The thing I have to say is... FF8 is beating this game up the @ss. I will still say that besides graphs got a little worst & blackmages, the game was pretty good.

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Final Fantasy 8

Posted : 9 years, 2 months ago on 14 May 2009 05:49 (A review of Final Fantasy VIII)

About the Game:
Yes, my 2nd favorite Final Fantasy game, anyway lets get to the point, it all starts out by video, were Squall & Seifer are fighting and at the end of the fight they both cut each other in the face leaving scars. Squall finally wakes up at the doctors office, and his teacher Quistis comes in and brings him to class. Once in Class Seifer gets in shit, Squall has to do a mission, which is to defeat Ifrit (Demon of Fire), and pass his little test so he can join a group called SEED, which SEED's mission is to defeat Edea. Any way once beated Ifrit, he joins you and also you get back to the Garden (School, home, base, what ever) you talk to the boss (Cid) and he makes you join a group to do your final mission to become a SEED. One SEED, the game really heats up.

The graphs now are better then FF7 (Final Fantasy 7) and all human are like 3d and most of the monsters. The graphs on Odin & Bahamut are very well done, and they should have keeped the graphs like this for FF9, which I will talk about next time.

How can I say this, some songs now have words which Rinoa is singing which its awesome, I had to download some of the songs from these game because their just that damn good. Believe It!

Things I liked:
Odin, yes Odin, Odin is kick ass, once gotten he randomy appers in battle and kills all enemys with his greatest move in the game. It a KO wonder, nothing can stand in his path.
Squall is also awseome, even tho, he is really quiet and does not talk much but really is awesome. he is some awesome I bought his gunblade. Its true, I got his gunblade at my house, I love that sword.

Things I Hated:
Seifer is a ass, I will give you 3 reasons for him now, like I did to Sephiroth & Kefka.
1. He is a good guy that goes and backstabs ya, not like really stabbing like sephiroth but just go from good to bad. I would slap him down.
2. Everytime you beat the guy he will not give up, he is almost as bad as Sephiroth. Triple Slap him!
3. last but not least the main reason, its the last fight with Seifer and Odin shows up, you thing yay! Odin cut that ass hole down, but what do you see, you see Seifer cut Odin in half in one shot, what the @@#$... that pissed me off, even tho Gilgamesh does take over Odins place. Odin was @#$%$#$% awesome why did he have to die... Seifer I will never forgive you!

Things That I think show chance:
1: Odin show have not died, he should have been pushed back or something.
2: Seifer Should have Died after Gilgamesh killing him.
3: Zell Should have punched Seifer in the Face for calling him Chicken Wuss all the time.

Thanks for listening, see you next time on FF9 (Final Fantasy 9!)

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Final Fantasy 7

Posted : 9 years, 2 months ago on 13 May 2009 03:44 (A review of Final Fantasy VII)

About The Game:
The first Final Fantasy for playstation, A great epic game that is still a hit now, and also has mini games about it, a movie, and more games of the different characters. Anyway the game starts with a overview with Midgar (Starting Town Area). After all that a train stops and a couple of people jump out of the train and hit the guards and run. One of the people that was with them was Cloud (Main Hero of the Game), Biggs, Wedge, (So this is were they were vanshed to from FF6) Jessie, and Barret (Barret will later on join your group. They were all there is destroy Shinra's bases to make Midgar better then what it is.
But Midgar is not the main problem of the game, the main problem is Sephiroth, an X-Soldier and also the best, he when crazy one day after he was his mother (Jenova) inside a testing tube. So now Cloud is on this big ass quest to fine this guy and kill him before he goes crazy to destroy the world.

The graphs really have improved since FF3/6 (Final Fantasy 3 or 6). They really got the 3d better and people say its the best game ever, and they still do now.

The music is a lot better but I would still liked if Shadow's Theme was in this one, but they did have one song that was a real catchy tune, and that was the Turks Theme. Everytime Reno, Rude, or Rufus came in, you would hear it.

What I liked:
My Favorite would have to been Reno & Rude, no matter how many times I fought them, them always had something up there sleve, but at the end they would always run away. And that Turk Theme, man... thats awesome. I know Reno's out there drinking a cold one at some bar, getting in shit for not winning every battle with you.

What I hated:
Sephiroth.... you bastard!, your the same as Kefka, but at least Kefka's not a Mommy's boy & doesn't talk to a dead person. I will give you 3 things I have about this ass, even tho, he is pretty cool.
1. Ok, Sephiroth are you crazy or what, why are you always talking about your Mother, thats all I ever hear from him. Sephiroth stop being a damn Mommy's boy.
2. Sephiroth you backstabber, I mean serious, why the hell would jump out of no where and backstab someone with a 8-10 foot blade. I understand Assasins but your a *@$&&*% Soldier (Didn't want to say the word cause little people may be reading) why the hell did you do that for. I will shove Sephiroth's face into dog shit.
3. ok the top one... Being a mommy's boy was retarded but talking to a dead mother, is just pass the limits and also thinking your hearing your mother's voice. God should come down here and B#$%@ Slap you!

And yea thats about it, over all it was a long game but a very fun one, with a sercet chatracter Vincent. over all its 10/10 for me, my next review should be about FF8, see you there!

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Final Fantasy 3 or 6

Posted : 9 years, 2 months ago on 13 May 2009 01:23 (A review of Final Fantasy III (VI))

About the Game:
The First Final Fantasy game i've ever played and had to be one of my favorite, The game begins with two soldiers (Biggs & Wedge) and a Girl that is un-named at the moment. All three of them go to a town looking for an Esper (Magical Beast) One they have found the esper frozen into a block of ice, the two soldiers just vansh, and the girl has some kind of connection with the esper. Then her too vansh. One she wakes up she remembers her name is Terra, she is a guy's house that saves her, he tells her to run away from the guards and she does. Locke a treasure hunter soon shows up to help her out, and the real story begins....

The graphs were really good for a game like this and also you could tell what was what. So yes graphs were a really great feature.

The music of battle themes and just normal town music was awesome, the best music in that game, I would have to say. It would be the Shadow's Theme. The music sounds like a ninja on a quest.

Things I like:
Locke had to my most favorite character in the game, people always calling him a theif but he would keep saying one thing, "Im a Treasure Hunter". Setzer was also another character I thought was interesting, he own a airship ship and was also a gambler, which you don't see that in most games. Shadow my third favorite character, a ninja that doesn't remember his past, he first joins Sabin when he is lost, and if everything goes right, he will stay with you for the whole game. Beware he would cut his mother's throth for a nickel.

Things I hate:
Kefka he is one bad ass, in a good way, but there is only three things I hate about him, yes I'll tell you them...
1. Poison's a river to Cyan's Castle, and kills not only Cyan's Guards but his family too. Kefka your going to far!
2. Capturing Espers just to make himself stronger, and once you do have the power you throw the espers into a hole and let them die. Kefka im going to drop kick you in the teeth.
3. The worst one of them all.... That bastards Laugh, every single time he does or says something, he laughs, it reminds me of that ass hole Eggman, everytime he thinks he is going to win he laughs. I would push kefka off of a plane with no parashoot and let him fall to his grave but you know what.. he would still be laughing like the Joker.

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Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

Posted : 9 years, 2 months ago on 8 May 2009 01:29 (A review of Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection)

About the Game:
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, it took awhile to beat, and also not very hard, there are only some games that will piss you off after awhile like Mean Bean Machine, was the hardest for me it drived me crazy but once beat, every other game was easy to collection the trofies, sorry about the spelling. There are like 40 games in one, intill you unlock the other bonus games which is like 7 more games to the list. With the bonus of people talking about video games in japanese.

Game Play:
Most of the games on there are fun, like Sonic of course, I was happy they had some Rpgs but most of them were Shinning Force, which got boring very quick, All the games played well, and some were just crazy hard, which would make you so upset that you rather watch a dog shit on a hot sunny day.

The Graphes were just great, they did really well to keep it looking Genesis. Vectorman would have to be one of most graph one on the list with the shooting and colorful colors. But on Mean Bean Machine, Most the characters look like big pieces of shit, really that characters are like colorful shit.

What would make it better:
Sonic's Ultimate... no it should be Sonic's Mega, just so they can add more games to the list.

Thanks For Listens!

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Posted: 9 years, 1 month ago at May 28 13:31
thanks for all the comments and votes on the game videos. cheers!
Posted: 9 years, 2 months ago at May 13 23:05
i like ur pics..^_^and stay cool..lol

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